Detroit/Wayne County Port Authority Public Dock & Terminal Facility

In November 2008, the Wayne County Port Authority finally (It was scheduled to be completed in 2006) began construction of the new terminal building on the riverfront between Ford Auditorium and the GM Renaissance Center.  This final piece of construction will also complete the East Riverwalk (from JLA to Belle Isle).

The two-story 21,000-square-foot facility will hold a tourist processing area, ticket counters, restrooms, the port authority’s office and a public plaza with space for educational interpretive exhibits on topics such as alternative energy and homeland security.

Site construction is expected to be complete in May 2009.  Until then Riverwalk traffic is being rerouted around the construction site.

The Detroit/Wayne County Port Authority website is grossly outdated, but you can find out more by visiting their site.  There is a short presentation that captures some of the design ideas.

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