This past week construction crews started erecting a construction fence around Tiger Stadium.  While a demolition date has not been set yet, construction companies are proceeding with obtaining permits required to raze the historic stadium.

The Old Tiger Stadium Conservancy group has until August 1 to prove it has a financial plan to save the diamond, 3000 seats, and create a sports memorabilia museum.  Senator Levin is also trying to secure federal funding to help the group reach it’s goal of $12 million – $15 million.

The Conservancy has finally launched a website to provide additional project details and request donations to preserve a portion of the old stadium.

Another group, Friends of Tiger Stadium, also has some interesting information available on the web.

Even other parts of the country are interested in what happens to Tiger Stadium:  Tiger Stadium Faces Partial Demolition Amid Opposition [ NY Times ]

For those that don’t know, Tiger Stadium is listed on both the National & State Register of Historic Places:

State Register
National Register

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