I’ll spare you any obvious baseball analogies, but things are not looking good for Tiger Stadium.

The Preservation Group has until Tuesday (October 7th) to pay $219,000 or the Detroit City Council could vote to proceed with demolition of the entire stadium.  At the moment, the stadium is still intact from dugout to dugout.

The Conservancy expects to have the money available, but it seems dependent on finalizing the agreement between the city and the Conservancy.  The agreement includes a funding deadline of March 2010 for the Conservancy to raise $15 million to renovate the remaining portion of the stadium into a museum.

To make matters worse, Ernie Harwell quietly resigned from his position several weeks ago and the Ernie Harwell Foundation was forced to return $500,000 in donations that it had received in support of specific provisions that were eliminated by the DEGC.  Harwell will have to look elsewhere for a facility to house his sports memorabilia collection

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