While in architecture school in the early 90’s, I took a model building (physical models, not rendered images) class as an elective.  The final project was to divide into teams and produce a large-scale architectural model. 

There were two projects available at the time, the first was for a well known developer to model a development called Centerpoint Campus located in Pontiac, Michigan.  The second, was for a neo-traditional neighborhood called Stonelea, located in Highland Township, Michigan.

Duany Plater-Zyberk & Company (DPZ) was hired by Real Estate Interest Group (REI) of Bloomfield, Michigan to transform and  850 acre gravel mine owned by American Aggregates into a small town.  Our team spent six weeks documenting topography, building the base, cutting the contour layers, and placing roads, water features, trees, and homes on the model.  We were fortunate to have access to DPZ’s detailed methodology drawings throughout the entire process.

The project ultimately went nowhere.  To be honest, I don’t know anything about the history of Stonelea once we delivered the completed model, but the land looks much as it did in the early 90’s.

DPZ has one Michigan project listed on their website for Bloomfield Park which was to be an 80 acre commerical/residential pedestrian oriented development.  The $2 billion project collapsed in late 2008 and remains with several partially finished buildings.

I know there were several more pictures taken of the model, but these are the only two that I had.  Any old classmates out there, I would love to get copies of the other Stone and Centerpoint Campus photos.

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