The Free Press is reporting that Quicken Loans is actually considering building on both properties currently under review.

Proposed Quicken SitesIt was announced last year that Dan Gilbert would be relocating Quicken Loans to one of two sites in Detroit: The Hudson’s site or the Statler site. The first building would be for his headquarters and the second one would presumably be a mixed retail/commercial/residential building potentially housing some of Gilbert’s other companies.

Planning has been underway for both sites as Gilbert studies each site and has until November 15, 2008 to make a decision.

Also important to remember is that Matt Cullen, the former GM Head of Economic Development, now works for Quicken Loans to head their planning and economic development issues. Based on his track record with the GM Building and the RiverWalk, Cullen adds to the hope and certainty that these projects may actually come to fruition.

Article [ via Free Press ]

One last bit of information:

“Beyond the Hudson’s and Statler sites, Quicken’s development agreement with the city gives Gilbert control of two smaller parcels downtown. One is the vacant Lafayette Building west of Campus Martius, and the other consists of surface parking at Broadway and Library.”

These are small lots in comparison, but combined with an earlier report that Gilbert (along with Roger Penske) is heavily involved in the privately funded light rail on Woodward between Hart Plaza and the New Center area illustrate Gilbert’s commitment to Detroit.

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