I’ve been distracted lately and haven’t had a chance to keep up-to-date on some recent happenings.  Here’s a quick run down of some hot issues:

Michigan Central Train Station

You may recall that the Detroit City Council authorized that the MCS be demolished and the invoice be sent to the current owner.  Well, on May 18th, the Detroit City Council delayed the demolition so the owner could have more time to finalize redevelopment plans.  The current idea is using it as a headquarters for Detroit area Homeland Security and Border Patrol.

Cobo Hall

Since the Detroit City Council rejected the latest plan to renovate & expand the venue that was presented by then Mayor Cockrel, there has been quite a bit of activity.

  1. Oakland County has stepped up and put a proposal together to expand the Rock Financial Showplace in Novi to host the NAIAS.
  2. The Michigan State Senate passed legislated that essentially offers the same plan to the Detroit City Council.  If that plan is rejected again, the show will be moved to Novi along with associated tax revenues.

Just so you understand the timeframe:  The NAIAS is guaranteed to be in Detroit until 2010.  There is no contract for 2011 and beyond.

I don’t know if a plan exists to expand Cobo at it’s current location.  Anybody want to share some conceptual studies?

GM Renaissance Center

With all the turmoil surrounding GM at the moment, Mayor Fouts has taken advantage of the situation and offered GM extensive tax incentives to abandon Detroit relocate their headquarters to Warren, MI.  We’ll have to wait until GM actually does file for bankruptcy to see if they’re legitimately reviewing this offer.

Update:  Not to be outdone, Robert Ficano has also offered GM generous (no state, county, city taxes) incentives to stay in Detroit.

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