We recently published an article talking about some of Detroit’s greatest unbuilt projects some of which were caused by the onset of the Great Depression.

Unless you’re living under a rock, you’ve no doubt seen the stock markets contract at an alarming rate these past couple of weeks.  This has already caused many corporations to scale back on capital spending and many more large projects are either in jeopardy or have already been cancelled.
Thankfully, a couple are close or have recently finished construction (Greektown Casino and the Westin Book Cadillac).  The economy will surely impact the momentum that Detroit had steadily built over the last decade and some projects we were excited to see may never get built.
Here’s a few higher profile projects that we’re keeping an eye on:
Some projects that are already cancelled or on indefinite hold:
  • The Griswold (potential future construction?)
  • @Water Lofts
I know there are a lot more, we just haven’t had a chance to pull them together.  Hit comments and let us know what we missed.
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