Almost a year ago, I visited the Michigan State Fair for what was to be its last season. 

The Michigan State Fair was the longest running in the United States spanning over 160 years, surviving the depression, until budget cuts forced its closure in 2010.

I took a few pictures, but nowhere near enough to capture the true history of the fair grounds.

The entire fairgrounds was designated a State Historic Site in 1957.  There are quite a few exhibition architecture style buildings are the grounds and three are listed on the National and State Historic Registers:  The Riding Coliseum, The Dairy Cattle Building, and The Agricultural Building.  Other interesting building include the Bandshell, GM Pavillion, Ulysses S. Grant House, and the World’s Largest Stove. 

Other Reading:
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I wish I could have photographed more buidings and some of the landscaping.  Without a yearly fair, I fear these historic structures may be lost.

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