The Michigan Architectural Foundation has officially launched their new website which is aimed at increasing public appreciation of architecture.  The site contains information on local events, educational resources, scholarship and grant information, and more.

From their website:

The Michigan Architectural Foundation was founded in 1957 by the Michigan Society of Architects (now AIA Michigan) – it is one of the oldest architectural foundations in the United States!  Its mission is “to increase public appreciation of how architecture enriches life.”  And the new website offers all sorts of ways to explore that!

Browse through the online collection of Great Architecture in Michigan to discover the architectural treasures in the state – from train stations to the Grand Hotel on Mackinaw Island.  If you see a photo you like, click to purchase it!   Or, share some architectural treasures that you have found!  The website has an upload link that lets you share photos of your favorite Michigan architectural treasures.

The website contains a huge amount of information –  lecture series offered by local universities, summer camps and educational tools for K – 12 grade, including scholarships for college!

Visit to learn more.

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