If you ever get a chance to go on an architecture tour of GM’s Warren Technical Center and have a fondness of modern architecture you won’t regret it.  Here are a few vintage pictures of some of the more famous buildings on the campus.  There are still so many pictures that I would have like to have taken, but these will have to do.

Read on to see all the images.

Some that I missed:

  1. As impressive as the spiral stair in the Research Building is, you need to see the contoured wood lay-in ceiling panels that are in modern lobby that sets the stage for the spiral stair.  Wow!
  2. The Research Building also boasts an impressive, intimate auditorium.  Actually, every major building from this time period each boast their own auditorium.  All of them are incredible…
  3. The Design Lobby is the most precisely designed space I have ever seen.  Window mullions intersect with both terrazzo floor joints and ceiling grid which in turn translate down the other wall to the pool and the hanging stair steps.   This is just the start – I could spend a couple hours taking it all in.  You might think big deal, but remember these drawings were done by hand.  Execution is also exquisite.  Can you imagine getting a contractor to put that much effort into getting things done in today’s environment.
  4. The Manufacturing Building office wings have an aluminum ceiling grid with lay-in acoustical panels.  Here again, design is not lazily approached.  Every grid intersection coordinates multiple utilities.  Typically, an intersection will contain a return air return and a sprinkler head.  Try to pull that one off on a contractor today!
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