Back in 2004 I had the opportunity to tour the old GM Truck & Bus Assembly Plant on Piquette avenue right across from Fisher Body Plant 21.  At that time, the plant had been placed in cold shutdown and vacant since 1997 when GM moved production of all school buses and mid-sized commercial vehicles to Flint.  The Piquette plant produced chassis for school buses, motor homes, and commercial vans.

The building had deteriorated rather quickly.  Paint was peeling off surfaces in sheets and the building envelope was compromised in several areas.  Typical for GM, all utility lines had been and drained, but all machinery was still present.  The old flywheel air compressors were still intact, albeit the leather belts were not in great shape.  They resembled the flywheels at the Lansing Board of Water & Light only larger and the lower half of the flywheels disappeared under the floor.

At the time, the original drawings were still being stored in the old office areas and all the kitchen equipment was still present.

Some of the assembly spaces were humbling they were so large.  Giant steel beams supported upper assembly floors.

At the time, the property was under 24 hour security and was being looked at for a potential hybrid battery production facility.  The last I knew, it was being used to store Chrysler engines.

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