Last week I shared an older building that GM vacated.  In honor of today’s news (1600 additional involuntary terminations), how about a more recent building that GM vacated?

Located in Pontiac, Michigan the Pontiac Centerpoint Campus, formerly known as the Truck Product Center,  is actually 3 separate buildings North, Central, and East) that GM developed with Etkin Equities in the early 1990’s.  Central and West are located in what was the old 4.4 million square foot Truck & Bus plant.  Central actually makes extensive use of much of the old factory structure.

When it was completed in 1996, Central occupied roughly 1.1 million square feet of the original plant and housed nearly 4000 employees.  Just for comparison, the Milford Proving Grounds, which sits on 4000 acres, has approximately 4800 employees.  It was designed by Harley Ellington Design and won local design awards.   Employees were relocated to other facilities and by 2009 was unoccupied.  Sadly, the building now sits vacant presumably in a warm shutdown.

North was sold to EDS in 2008 and East has been vacant since 2007.  There were earlier rumors that a movie studio was looking closely at Central, but nothing concrete has been announced.

These images were snapped in late 2008 just before the last groups were relocated to the Warren Technical Center.

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