Critical Detroit has come a long way this past year especially since we switched to WordPress. We’re closing in on 13,000 visitors for the year. It’s not much, but more than we’ve ever had in the past.

As the year winds down, let me share some things I’d love to get from you. Don’t worry, I’m not asking for donations.

Stay Up to Date

If you can’t visit the site everyday (just kidding) consider subscribing via email or RSS Feeds to be notified when new articles are written.

If you see something you like on Critical Detroit tell your friends.  We make it real easy to share articles by including links to popular social networking sites at the bottom of every article.  Use ’em.

Get Involved

There is not enough discussion about architecture in this town.

You can let us know about  some interesting new architecture, development, or competition. There’s a real easy form for Tipping Us located at the top of every page.  There have been a few suggestions, but we could always use more help in noticing new things.

Don’t be afraid to leave a comment about an article or even another comment.  Registration is not required and there’s no captcha system to slow you down.  If you’ve got something on your mind share it.

Hot Topics

There are a few topics that haven’t been covered or need more attention.  If you have any information on the following subjects, please let me know:

  1. Unbuilt Projects – This has been touched on in the past, but I know there are more out there.
  2. Thumb Tack Club – Architecture club that was active during Detroit’s most prolific building period.
  3. Urban Detroit Area – In a nutshell, read this (via Time magazine).  I’ve seen the study, but would like to review it closer.

Thanks for visiting throughout the past year.

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