Things have changed quite a bit around here since I first launched this
site back in 2005.  Most of the changes to
the site are detailed in the About page at the bottom of every page.

There are some things that I did not cover and will be updating that page shortly.

  1. How do I participate?
    You can submit story ideas, join the team, or just comment on stories.
    There’s alot of information to cover and I can only do so much.  If you
    feel inclined to share a story, by all means, send us a note.  There
    are links at the top and left side of every page.  I get the emails
    instantly (thanks to my iPhone) and usually respond real quick.  If
    you’re looking to provide content long-term, consider joining the
    team.  I know this sounds official, but it really just means I just
    shake your hand and you add articles just like I do.  (Best of all it’s
    free!)  I’d love to get more people involved in writing about Detroit
    architecture.  If you just want to say something about a story, click
    the “Comment” link found on each article and speak your mind.
  2. Can I write about the suburbs even though this site is called Critical Detroit?
    Absolutely!  There are great examples of architecture all over Metro
    Detroit.  I may even include articles about different parts of the
    state if I see something you all might like to know about.
  3. Where are the old stories?
    Ok, I had to make a choice about which past articles were relevant and
    most of them didn’t make the cut.  Many of you have been looking for
    the photos of the Book Cadillac building while in the early stages of
    construction.  I will get those back on the site now that I seem to
    have a quick, easy way to incorporate multiple photos.
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