WordPressWe’ve gone ahead and made some structural and programmatic changes to the website (again)!  We’re now proud users of WordPress and so far we’re loving it.  There is much more control over the format and presentation of our material, not to mention greater support from the user community.

There are also several improvements in the operation of the site.  Most of it is behind the scenes, but trust me, it makes administering the site much, much easier.

Those of you (all five of you) who have been with us from the beginning and previously created an account will need to create a new account, especially if you’d like to contribute a story once in a while.  Anyone can post a comment without registering. Hint-Hint.

Bear with us while we get some pictures moved over and some links updated. Once we’re done, we think you’ll like it.  Let us know what you think.

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