If you haven’t driven on I-75 near the Ambassador Bridge in the last few years you may not be aware of all The Ambassador Bridge Gateway Project.  My favorite piece of the project is the Bagley Avenue Pedestrian Bridge spanning across I-96 and I-75, which attempts to reconnect the east and west portion of Mexicantown area.

The bridge is 450 feet long and is supported by 15 tension cables radiating from a 150 foot concrete tower.  The total engineering and construction costs are $5 million.  Construction is currently ahead of schedule with anticipated completion in August 2009 (instead of December 2009).  According to the tension cable contractor, it is the only bridge of it’s kind in the entire state of Michigan.  (Is this true?)

The bridge was designed by the local architecture firm inFORM studio.  Their website (it’s worth checking out) has much better images of the bridge than what MDOT has made available.

Memo to MDOT:  The Bagley Avenue Bridge is much nicer than the Gateway Arch (at I-94 and Telegraph) that you raced to complete before Super Bowl XL.

Bagley Avenue Pedestrian Bridge

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