Critical Detroit’s mission is to promote Detroit area architecture by publishing articles to increase awareness, foster understanding, and raise expectations of Detroit architecture.

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A Little History

Critical Detroit was first created with the goal to create an online resource promoting Detroit architecture. This resource attempted to include anything related to local architecture. Despite our best intentions, maintaining this amount of information proved to be a distraction so a few features were sacrificed.  Those of you with us from the very beginning may remember the following sections:

  • Events – Basically a calendar.  Well, this was the hardest one to stay current with and really prevented us from focusing on other items.  We’ll still cover events, just not create a central index for all of Detroit.
  • Books – It was interesting to see how many books are our there dealing with Detroit architecture.  We may bring this back as a reference type list, but for the moment, it’s gone.
  • Websites – We still have this, but only as a much simpler list of sites.  You can find a link to this list at the top of every page.
  • Discussion Forum – I’d have hoped to foster some dialog discussing local architecture, but it just didn’t happen.  There are other great sites out there occasionally discussing Detroit architecture and, frankly, there doesn’t seem to be much interest in critically reviewing architecture.  You can still participate by commenting on each news article, but that’s about it.
  • News – Still here, only it’s taken the form of a blog.  We’ll write about anything related to Detroit architecture.  Sometimes, we may even stray to include national items that may impact local architecture.
  • Buildings – Admittedly, this is a tremendous task, but one Detroit sorely needs.  There are great resources (AIA Guide to Detroit Architecture), but many people don’t seem to be aware that they exist.  We’ve brought along what we had started and we’ll do our best to continue expanding this resource.  There’s a link to this at the bottom of every page and a list of the ten latest additions on the left side of every page.

Despite these changes our mission remains the same:

Promote Detroit area architecture by publishing articles to increase awareness, foster understanding, and raise expectations that people have toward Detroit architecture.

We’ll continue publishing articles to highlight things you may have missed dealing with Detroit architecture and working on maintaining our list of existing and new architecture in and around the city.

Thanks for stopping by!

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