Believe it or not Detroit’s pension funds want to build a new $7.4M headquarters building on the riverfront and relocate from the Coleman A. Young Municipal Center.

The proposed three-story headquarters, located between the UAW’s headquarters and the River Towers Apartments, would house the pension funds’ administrative, accounting and legal operations, with room for 100 parking spaces.

have submitted plans to the city to build a 33,400-square-foot building on vacant land at 7850 E. Jefferson

-Detroit Free Press

The pension fund board is attempting to cut substantial lease costs by building a new facility.  They also cite limited access to their existing building, expensive and limited parking, and long lines at security processing as additional reasons to relocate.

I’m not alone in thinking that there’s plenty of building stock in Detroit.  The Villages Community Development Corp (A very nice website by the way) has strongly voiced their opposition and even identified 10 alternative buildings in the Detroit CBD suitable for relocation.  Unfortunately, the Detroit Riverfront Conservancy and the Downtown Detroit Partnership have not taken a position on the issue.

The City Planning Department will meet on September 17th to vote on the request to rezone the property, which would also require  approval from the Detroit City Council before moving forward.

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